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Expecting or just had a new baby?

Want to feel on top of it all?

You can start this postpartum home-care program just after coming home from the hospital with your new baby. 

Did you know that 80% of new mothers experience the "baby blues" and 10-15% suffer from postpartum depression?

The new e-book, New Beginnings for New Moms—A Postpartum Support Workbook, tells you how to:

  • Stay healthy, happy, and rested after childbirth
  • Stay out of postpartum depression 
  • Turn postpartum blues into postpartum bliss
  • Take care of yourself to better take care of your baby

When Mommy is happy, baby is happy!

Buy the e-book now!!

This e-book is an ideal gift for a baby shower

Learn how to:

* Get more rest into your daily routine

* Create a strong support system

* Do rejuvenating massages to regain 
   health and vitality faster

* Give baby massage

* Get the most out of breastfeeding your baby

* Use herbal remedies for better health, energy, and mood swings

* Recognize signs of postpartum depression so you can seek help early

* Make your pregnancy and childbirth experience easy

New Beginnings for New Moms —  A Postpartum Support Workbook

Table of Contents

  I.   What is postpartum depression and how can I prevent it?
I.  What to do before your baby’s arrival ?

  1.       Get the home ready 
2.       Prepare your postpartum care and recovery 
3.       Herbs and spices 

  III. Self-Help Home Care Plan for New Moms 

         1.   What to do after your baby’s arrival — How to stay rested, healthy and happy
         2.   Taking time to rest — Secrets of care used in ancient cultures
         3.   Create your own little “Nest” at home  
         4.   Create a strong support group                                    
         5.   The herbal remedies                                                          
         6.   At mother’s breast — Benefits of breastfeeding the baby                
         7.   Revitalizing massages — for Mom and baby                  
  IV. What more can we do for new mothers ?      
  V.  Appendices: Charting your postpartum health and progress
       A.    Your baby’s progress                                              
B.    Mothers’ self-ratings: health, energy, and sleep            
       C.    How do I know if I am at risk for postpartum depression?                                    
       C.    Self quiz on postpartum depression                           
       D.    What does it feel like to have postpartum depression?
   Research study on new mothers’ recovery
with the Mother and  Baby program
       F and G. Information on The Mother and Baby Program 

A journal for new mothers — your experiences after childbirth

Checklists to help make your pregnancy and postpartum preparations easy
This e-book is an ideal gift for a baby shower!

It is illustrated with beautiful photos and inspiring quotes on being a mother by Jane Fonda, Marie Osmond, Rose Kennedy, and others.

About the Author

Dr. Ragnhild (Rannie) Boes grew up in Denmark. She trained as a preschool teacher and later earned an advanced graduate degree in psychology at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. She taught psychology and education at kindergarten teacher training colleges in Denmark.  

In 1988 she joined MUM in Fairfield, Iowa, USA. She received an MA In Vedic Science, 1989; an MS in psychology, 1991, and a PhD in Vedic Psychology, 1999, specializing in research on new mothers’ health and rejuvenation after childbirth. Her PhD research was published in For a Blissful Baby by Dr. Kumuda Reddy (1999). It forms the inspiration and foundation for this postpartum support workbook. Her dissertation was Mothers' adjustment after childbirth: examining effects of the Mother Baby program of Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health on mothers' postpartum health and recovery.

Dr. Boes has presented her research at a conference on postpartum disorders, hosted by the University of Iowa, June 1998,
at the conference on the Mother and Baby Program of Maharishi Ayur-Veda, MERU, Vlodrop, Holland, June, 2012,
and at the second annual conference of The Alliance of Women Scientist and Scholars for a Better World, MERU, Vlodrop, summer 2012.

Dr. Boes assisted in research, conducted at the Center for Brain, Consciousness and Cognition, MUM, Fairfield, Iowa, USA. Co-author: Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports, 2011 on higher brain integration and moral development in world-class athletes,
Institute of Natural Medicine and Prevention, Fairfield, Iowa, USA, which has received over 25 million dollars from the National Institutes of Health for research on health benefits of the TM technique. Postdoctoral Fellow, Compliance coordinator on the research study published in Circulation, 2012.


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