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A book that all new mothers should have

Only $9.95


Table of contents     This book is an ideal gift at a baby shower




Table of Contents

  I.   What is postpartum depression and how can I prevent it?
I.  What to do before your baby’s arrival ?

  1.       Get the home ready 
2.       Prepare your postpartum care and recovery 
3.       Herbs and spices 

  III. Self-Help Home Care Plan for New Moms 

         1.   What to do after your baby’s arrival — How to stay rested, healthy and happy
         2.   Taking time to rest — Secrets of care used in ancient cultures
         3.   Create your own little “Nest” at home  
         4.   Create a strong support group                                    
         5.   The herbal remedies                                                          
         6.   At mother’s breast — Benefits of breastfeeding the baby                
         7.   Revitalizing massages — for Mom and baby                  
  IV. What more can we do for new mothers ?      
  V.  Appendices: Charting your postpartum health and progress
       A.    Your baby’s progress                                              
B.    Mothers’ self-ratings: health, energy, and sleep            
       C.    How do I know if I am at risk for postpartum depression?                                    
       C.    Self quiz on postpartum depression                           
       D.    What does it feel like to have postpartum depression?
   Research study on new mothers’ recovery
with the Mother and  Baby program
       F and G. Information on The Mother and Baby Program 

      A journal for new moms—your experiences after childbirth

This book is an ideal gift at a baby shower

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